Prochaines activités


Les prochaines activités pour l'année 2021 sont:

- 21 Novembre: Choco Story à Bruxelles - vous pouvez vous enregistrer ici

La dernière activité réalisée est:

- 23 Octobre: Walibi à Wavre


Choco Story (Sunday 21 November 2021)

Registration are closed and you can check your registration for this activity here.



Walibi (Saturday 23 October 2021)

All registration are closed. We will do our best to try to provide tickets for people on waiting list and come back to you as soon as we have information.


Registration for this activity are completed, you can check your registration here.

CLEF Registration for 2021

Please register all family members that you want to be part of CLEF for 2021.
Please note that any application done after 1st of October 2021 is considered as a subscription for the year 2022.
If you already registered in 2020 and you had no extra members in your family, no need to register back, you just need to pay the fees .
For more information on CLEF please check the following presentation.

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